Cool Camera Tweaks for Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

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During time, iOS users searched for various ways in which they can transform the camera feature into a real camera. This was not that difficult, especially since Apple revealed a more powerful camera with each device released. However, the fact that the camera is powerful and great does not mean that you will take professional photos now.

Cydia Download App Store comes to help us in this matter. Within this amazing third-party app store, we are able to find some interesting apps and tweaks that will increase the power of the camera, will make photos spectacular and it will ease the way in which we share our artwork.

Fortunately, the jailbreak community understands people’s need to take amazing selfies and photos, and for this reason, with the right Cydia download jailbreak apps and tweaks, you can get all those extra features that are not available by default on the stock Camera app. Check out these apps and see which one  is suitable for your needs.

Effects +

When the default camera filters are not enough for you, then Effects + is going to fill in your appetite. This amazing tweak adds 23 new filters to the stock camera app, out of which 8 are from the Photo Booth App. You can access all these new filters in the same way you select the built-in ones. Simply, tap on the 3 colored circles in the Camera app and you will be able to try and apply these filters it he similar way you apply the built-in live filters. In addition, you can easily remove or add filters in order to avoid the crowded aspect.


FlipCam is actually rather interesting mostly since it solves a serious problem with the Camera app. By default, when you want to switch to the front camera and rear camera, you need to tap the camera switch button located in the top right corner. But, since it is a small little button, it is hard to aim for it. FlipCam simply fixes this problem by allowing you to switch between cameras only by tapping and holding on the camera view in the Camera app. Also, if you are interested in trying it out, the app is completely free on Cydia download.

Quick Shoot

The last app in the list of the best Cydia download apps for camera is QuickShoot. This app is suitable for those of you who want to be prepared to take the next photo, without missing the precious moments in life. QuickShoot allows you to capture any moment without opening the camera app. Just double tap the camera app, and it will show you a red badge with three dots to let you know that the photo is being taken. QuickShoot is also a free tweak and it is compatible with devices running iOS 6 and iOS 7+.

These three jailbreak apps for the camera app are more than useful when you plan to use your iPhone or iPad as a professional camera. You can add plenty of effects, change between the rear and the front camera in a second while you stay in touch to capture the best moments of your life.



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New cooking apps for IPhone, IPad and Android

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We adore relaxing searching cookbooks full of incredible images and attractive dishes around the foodie that is next, but you know what? Preparing applications are amazing also, particularly when we are pushed regarding period or on the run.

What exactly makes one application additional practical – or enjoyable – ? Everything depends upon your choices that are individual. Would you treatment to possess as numerous dishes (as well as their related buying listings) as humanly feasible when you need it, or would you would rather test solely using meals which have been vetted with a check home? Are you searching for pictures that are inspiring, or perhaps a calculator made to do the pesky kitchen math for you all? Search our slideshow to determine a few of the newest and best preparing applications around.

Would you adore (or detest!) one applications? Do we depart your preferred off? Let’s understand below.


It is Rick Bayless if there is one individual who are able to skillfully demonstrate just how to prepare Asian meals. This completely new application in the award-winning cook that is contains a manual, forty educational movies and thirty-five important dishes regarding utilizing purchasing and keeping Asian basics. Rick Bayless: Asian Necessities regarding iPhone, ipod itouch and iPad, MONEY2.99 (to get a limited-time)

Foodily and the best meals neighborhood on the internet connect one. The application allows you reveal and to locate the very best fresh dishes on the internet together with your buddies. Obtain tens and thousands of weblogs, sites like Epicurious Preparing, and a daily nourish of dishes from cooks. Foodily regarding iPhone, iPad and iPod Itouch. You can whatsapp download for ipad for share recipes with your family.

This application gives complete use of the Number 1 formula site to you, Supper Spinner Professional provides you with the capability to check food products, assist you to discover dishes to complement regarding assembling a whole dinner and develop buying listings. You may also conserve research by component dishes for your online formula container, reveal dishes over social networking, and much more. Supper Spinner Professional for iPod iPad and touch, $2.99

Entry over 60 with this specific superbly of Stewartis greatest dessert dishes created application. Incorporated are educational movies, formula discussing, home timers, buying listings, cooking guidelines and much more. Formula packages that were extra can be bought to increase upon the collection. Stewart Snacks regarding iPod and iPhone Touch, $2.99

On the basis of the best selling cookbook “How-To Prepare Anything” by Ny occasions writer Mark Bittman, this fresh application offers 2000 dishes, 400 how to pictures and functions offering buying listings, bookmarking, integral formula timers and much more. Just how to Prepare Anything regarding Ipod Itouch iPhone and iPad

Application was superbly created by this in the full of entertaining including club treats and traditional beverages. Drink formula packages that were extra can be bought to construct your personal collection of dishes that were mixology. Stewart Drinks regarding iPod and iPhone Touch, MONEY0.99

The 20-Minute Foods of Jamie is ideal for each followers of novice chefs and the enchanting Uk cook. Using the application, you receive use of sixty scrumptious and fast recipes -by- photography 21 unique Jamie Oliver movies, for each formula showcasing methods guidelines and home abilities and much more. 20-Minute Dishes regarding ipod itouch iPhone and iPad $7.99, and Android

Have you been a sausage enthusiast? Next there is no question you’ll need this application that is new. Using twenty HD movies, 150 hi-res thirty-one unique dishes in the greatest cooks about and pictures, it is got. If you should be therefore willing and, discover the real history of sausage, remedy or smoking your personal. The Greater Sausage Guide: Consume, and Create, Prepare The Right Path to Remedied Chicken Success MONEY0.99, regarding iPad

Indeed, this application is not cheap, however itis a little charge to cover a cooking training worth hundreds. The application is definitely an iPad edition of Americais cooking book “The Expert Cook,A that might aswell be named “the scriptures for several chefs’ Cooking Institute.” The application contains 750 pictures, fun improvements, discussed information between chefs utilizing the guide more than hundred movies of CIA teachers showing methods and guidelines for that 850 dishes and much more. The Expert Cook from America’s Cooking Institute regarding iPad

We all ‘ve been there working our method via a fresh formula we do not have time for you to mind back once again to the shop and when we abruptly recognize weare lacking a. You wont need certainly to spend your time hunting the Web regarding component alternatives – you will have more than 400 currently close at hand, nicely structured into reasonable groups like ” Preparing Preparing & ” or “Seasoning.” (additionally you will discover listings of subs regarding gluten free, vegetarian and low fat cooking.) Alternatives regarding ipod itouch iPhone, and iPad

This success manual from co-founders that is FOOD52 Stubb and Ny Times writers Hesser can help you overcome vacation chaos that is enjoyable. The application functions 75 genuinely hundred moments of professional video lessons, curated dishes from experienced house chefs, and substantial event planning assistance from Merrill & Amanda and also the FOOD52 neighborhood. FOOD52 Vacation Formula and Success Manual $4.99, regarding iPad

Engage your sweet-tooth . It functions more than hundred, more than 400 treat dishes how to suggestion movies and information from buying listings the check kitchens, formula discussing and much more. The dishes originate from the publications Southeast Dwelling Cooking Gentle, Seaside Dwelling, Actual Easy, Sundown and Whatever You. Sweets: MyRecipes Everyday Luxury $3.99, regarding iPad

If youare the kind of individual who discovers by performing (or if youare only a total preparing beginner) Preparing Pills Taster may be the next-best factor to producing the formula oneself. a how-to accompanies every formula movie that strolls anyone through every action. Preparing MONEY0.99, regarding Android

So how exactly does immediate access 000  dishes, to 170 audio? BigOven provides whether it’s amount you are following. You even add your personal masterpieces in to the group databases and can save your valuable faves. (Downloader beware: we observed a formula professing to flavor the same as Olive Garden Sauce,” therefore each admittance may possibly not be successful. But every formula could be examined by customers, that ought to maintain anything under control.) 170,000  Dishes by BigOven regarding ipod itouch iPhone, and iPad FREE

Make’s Highlighted is famous because of its demanding formula-screening procedure, which means you understand their dishes is likely to be foolproof (the journalis slogan is dishes that function.” ) but when you wish to entry almost all their dishes, you will have to be always a quality associate by checking towards the journal. Make’s Highlighted iPhone, iPad, and ipod itouch, FREE

This application meals customized component alternatives up based on your kind of hypersensitivity, be it perhaps a or dairy meals that is particular like nuts. Prepare It Allergy-Free regarding $4.99 iPhone and ipod itouch and iPad

Like modifying component quantities based on the quantity of portions this application addresses all of the irritating home q for you personally you desire to create. Home Calculator PROFESSIONAL regarding ipod itouch iPhone, and iPad

This application may be the Ultimate Goal because of cost its functions and convenience. You receive thirty,000  dishes from excellent publications like “Bon Appetit” and (the unfortunately defunct) “Connoisseur,” plus evaluations, buying listings and enjoyable functions like voice-recognition research. (Android only). Most of the dishes include stunning pictures, also, which means this application is very practical in addition to inspiring. Epicurious Recipes regarding Ipod Itouch iPhone and Android and iPad, FREE

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WhatsApp IPad 2

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The instant-messaging system that was WhatsApp offers acquired numerous fans due to its usage’s simpleness. Application that is WhatsApp can be obtained to become utilised in your smartphones that utilises cellular working system such as for instance iOS Android, Windows as well as Rim. WhatsappNevertheless, there’s zero recognised edition of WhatsApp which have been released. WhatsApp hasn’t launched a of iPad however now over time despite the fact that there’s been a rise sought after from numerous customers who would like to utilize iPad whilst the system regarding WhatsApp software.

Nevertheless, there are specific methods to get a pill person for how to use whatsapp on ipad. There are specific 3g-enabled pills that operates on Android that may utilize software that is Whatsapp. This really is because of the reality the pill are currently employing a sim-card much like a Smartphone and also have use of web via an information strategy. The distinction that is only real is the fact that it’s a display that is bigger and also a smartphone can be functioned as by the pill as well.

Nevertheless, Whatsapp does not be supported by iPad though it includes a 3G sim-card placed-in. The reason being of problems that are incompatibility. Nevertheless, there are by allowing the applying to become use within an iPad several methods that may really defraud the Whatsapp software. Of copying the application the procedure is very technical however, you may discover it quick. The method could be discover at other comparable technology weblogs along with Macworld.

Nevertheless, it’s handy and quick to simply utilize your Whatsapp. If you like to truly have a comparable text there are lots of comparable instant-messaging software as you are able to utilize such as for instance Face-Time, Skype as well as several to be named by Yahoo Hang-Out. These instant-messaging software may also give the thrilling enjoyment of conversation together with your buddies possibly through cellular web as well as information strategy to you.

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Why don’t you to make use of whatsapp

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Smartphones’ intro introduced with-it numerous rights for that elite course individuals who might manage smartphones that were costly. As time passes smartphones turned its own results distribute to many individuals and cheaper. Nowadays, nearly every one is suffering from both cons and the pros of the smartphones. The private processing was nearly introduced by the smartphones in to one’s hand’s hands. Today, individuals utilized communications in the place of phoning regarding speaking for family and their friends. Nevertheless, communications were costly. Several texting programs were launched on the market that have been nearly liberated to the customers to resolve this issue. One of these simple was Whatsapp. Whatsapp, using its Easy To-use quick and software entry, managed to get truly cross’ full messaging applications.

whatsapp-19Whatsapp achieved excellent recognition nearly instantly and was initially released last year. Simply enter your quantity that is cellular begin and to join up texting free of charge immediately. Individuals were nearly instantly hooked on this small message application and cherished this fresh app. Nevertheless, using each good there comes an adverse. And also everybody sees the aftereffect of the damaging, however is ignored.

We are told by current research how Whatsapp is bad for us.Psychologist informs people how our thoughts can be effected by the utilization of Whatsapp. For example, the Afinal observed’ choice, that will be seen as you of Whatsapp’s greatest function have impact on our thoughts. “Richie is on-line but isn’t reacting.” This brings rage within people about and our wellness is demonstrably effected by rage. “I suppose I was obstructed by him since we can’t observe his standing.” After which we continue considering INCHESwhy was I blocked by him?” and squander the majority of our period that is effective.

WhatsApp’s habit is really excellent while everyone are active experiencing in the centre that individuals in many cases are observed seated in one single part of the area. Individuals have this wanting of responding and usually talking to individuals they’re speaking with. They usually wish to add anything they’re performing. This undoubtedly results our joy and our period. We discover joy within the AresponsesINCH of overlook and individuals from speaking with our households, the joy we are able to get. Moreover, our period is wasted by us. We squander our time whenever we might have completed plenty of function in talking. That’s WhatsApp’s result.

Additional we being drawn in to the interpersonal globe and are continuously being slow in the actual world. We-don’t learn about real life wherever Richie travelled for vacations, but we do undoubtedly understand. Additionally, numerous unjust issues are also operating today-a-days utilizing the social networking and discussing informative data on social networking makes people susceptible.

Furthermore, psychological connection to individuals through whatsapp may become a severe psychological tension than face-to-face life relationships that are real.

Clearly, you will find additional drawbacks of utilizing WhatsApp than benefits recruited on Appstore about the explanation of the application. We ought to truly reduce cross’ use messengers like Whatsapp, and come in to the real life out of interpersonal world. Although being the absolute most utilized application of the Appstore WhatsApp has turned into a bane to people.

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How to Add Alternative Repositories For A Free Download Cydia

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I am sure that by now, most of you are already familiar with a free download Cydia store and its benefits. In fact, at this point, there are more than 200 million jailbroken devices in the whole world. This only means that this alternative is the best one you have in order to customize and enhance your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

In fact, this amazing app platform is rather simple to use. If you are already familiar with the process of downloading and installing Apple apps, I am sure that Cydia will not be a secret for you. Nonetheless, I want to tell you a couple of things regarding the way in which you can improve the chances to find great useful Cydia apps and tweaks.

Everything we can see within this amazing app Store alternative is hosted in places called repositories or sources. In fact, when it is first launched, Cydia comes with some default sources that are maintained by developers that work with them. However, in some cases, these repositories are not quite enough for some of you; therefore, you also have the possibility to add alternative sources, which offer even many more apps and tweaks.

Besides the default sources, we get when the application is first installed, and there are many other repos out there, and if you add them to your Cydia account, you gain access to all that content stored within. However, before you proceed, I want to mention the fact that not all sources are safe and trusted. This means that you should check them before you add them.

Now, if you still want to add a specific source to the app platform, find out that you need only two minutes of your time. First of all, you need to launch free download Cydia store and wait until it uploads its packages. Among all five sections displayed on the home page, head over to Manage and click on Sources. Here you will find all sources you are currently using.


Click on Add Source, and a new window will appear with a text box asking to enter the new source’s address. If you have a particular source in mind, you need to find its URL address in order to add it to Cydia.  Enter the repo URL and click on Add Source. This will add the respective source and after a respring, free download Cydia will have to update its packages in order to display the contents of that respective source.

As you can see, it is actually pretty simple, and the best part is that you can add as many sources as you want and need. Some sources offer access only to a particular type of apps; others are designed for cracked Cydia apps, other for games, while others are exclusively for themes and customization features.

However, do not forget to verify the credibility of the sources you want to add to free download Cydia store in order to keep your device safe and secure. It is better to focus on those sources already used by thousands of users all over the world.

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Downloading and Installing Whatsapp for PC Free

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Whatsapp is a chat messenger with more than 350 million users online. The service gives users the possibility to send unlimited text messages free of charge along with a variety of multimedia options. Each user who owns a Smartphone or a 3G tablet can easily download and install the service, completely free of charge to keep in touch with his friends or family.

However, the good news is that now, we are able to share the same benefits on our personal computers running Windows or OS X. the possibility is not yet official, but it is possible with the help of a third-party emulator called Bluestacks. The emulator’s job is to allow users to download and install mobile applications and games right on their computers. Fortunately, Bluestacks is completely free of charge and actually pretty simple to use.

whatsapp for pc bluestaks

As you may imagine, the first step is to download and install Bluestacks. Install the program as any other executable file. After the installation process is completed, all you have to do is to create a new Bluestacks account where you need to provide your email address and a new password for the account. Next, just link your Google account to the Bluestacks account in order to have access to everything you have downloaded using your Google account.

The next step is to search for Whatsapp and download the APK file. When typing Whatsapp in the Search bar, you will see a couple of results. Choose the first result offered by Google’s Play Store.

After finishing the download, just double click on the Downloaded Whatsapp APK file. Now, Whatsapp for PC will install on your PC. Wait a couple of minutes, and open Bluestacks once again. Click on My Apps. At this point, you will see Whatsapp app icon. Click on it. Accept Terms and Conditions. Type your Mobile Number in the respective Field. Keep in mind to type your country code when entering the Mobile number. Now, Whatsapp for PC will try to verify your number, but you will get a fail message. Click on Call me Option. You will receive an automatic call with a confirmation number. Enter the respective code you hear, and wait until Whatsapp will re-verify the respective code.

whatsapp for pc storychimes

Once you receive a confirmation, you are free to use the software right on your desktop computer in the same manner as you use it on your Smartphone or tablet. You will also get the same options to share images, videos, audio recordings and more. With Whatsapp for PC, you get to share statuses, add profile pictures and details, make use of various smiley faces or sounds in order to express your feelings better.

I also want to mention the fact Bluestacks can also be used to install and run your favorite apps and games. You can also run various Android apps and used them on your personal computer in order to test them before installing them on your Smartphone. You have the possibility to install almost every app for Android on Bluestacks. However, keep in mind that there will be a few apps that are not compatible with Bluestacks.

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iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S2

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22Apple has started their new main smart-phone the iPhone 4S. How can this compare against the offer of additional leading players for example Samsung, using the marketplace overloaded with high end products? Within this post, I’ll try to discover by pitting the iPhone 4S from the Samsung Universe S2.

As was the first Galaxy S, the Samsung Universe S2 has been shown to be quite a well-known system.  This really is no mean task, considering the undeniable fact it faced opposition from notable some products, with the Moto Atrix, HTC Feeling, HTC Amazing S and IPhone 4 all producing the candidate. The Samsung Universe S2 came out at the top for several of factors.

The phone features most of the bells and whistles of the high end Android apparatus when it comes to applications, with the use of Android Marketplace and also the Samsung TouchWiz UI. Hardware-wise, the system is notable in almost every facet. To supply all the essential processing power to equipment and applications likewise, there’s a 1.2 GHz dual core CPU which assists many facets of the phones functionality, including reaction time of the display, multi-tasking, internet searching and many more.  The display is an additional notable attribute of the Universe S2.  With Very AMOLED capacitive Plus touchscreen technologies, it’s reactive, and it’s celebrated for its capacity to provide amazing screen quality when in direct sunshine. The mobile itself is quite lean, at 8.5mm, and weighs only 116 grams.

In writing a minimum of, the iPhone 4S is comparable in several aspects for the Samsung Universe S2. Computer software smart, the important difference is really in the os, with iOS working the customizable and instinctive interface.  But Apple promises the camera to the iPhone has several unique attributes like the lens technologies and also the pace where the digicam functions. The latter is thanks mainly to the central processing unit, that’s one GHz dual core Apple A4 CPU. Although this is somewhat less-than the 1.2 GHz provided from the Samsung, it’ll barely be noticeable during daily use.  While the wants of the Android Marketplace are notable, and definitely catching up with Apple, it must be stated the AppStore is exceptional in terms of both amount and quality of accessible Applications. The iPhone 4S has yet another edge on the Samsung Universe S2; the undeniable fact that it’s fresh. Consequently, Apple has received additional time to comprise its newest technology within the mobile. The brand new Siri and iCloud attributes are exemplars of this, also because this sort of technology wasn’t around if the Samsung Universe S2 premiered gave the advantage to Apple.

Picking between your iPhone 4S as well as the Samsung Universe S2 can be a close-call. Officially, it will be quite unjust to mention that one is preferable to another. Because the maker’s main phones, each has its strengths and weaknesses.

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What is The Case for the IPhone 4?

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An entire group of iPhone 4 case types are available on the marketplace making your selection of the greatest one challenging. The iPhone 4 cases are a rather important accessory, most significantly since the minute you start to utilize your iPhone 4, it’s susceptible to scratches, dust, adventitious bumps and other customary wear and tear. To be able to avoid all these from impacting your valuable little device, it’s important that you simply cover your iPhone in just one of many iPhone 4 cases accessible on the industry nowadays.

Apple Most Searched Logo

Obviously, you may change the tables towards yourself. The selection lends itself quite helpful once you learn which iPhone 4 situation might match your iPhone greatest, both when it comes to sturdiness in addition to design.

To start with, the marketplace competitors have resulted in a serious decrease of cost of the add-ons. Many of these are shipped for less-than three or 4 GBP which make it among the cheapest and readily reachable iPhone 4 add-ons. There are many cheap iPhone cases that aren’t just cheap but also fairly powerful in guarding your iPhone 4 from dirt, scratches etc.

Probably the most expert of all these is the leather cases.  They’re really professional looking and provide an extremely conventional appears for your cell. So that you really have the selection of customization the cases are available in several colors and styles. The iPhone Metal cases are likewise a fantastic strain of iPhone 4 cases. The gleaming metallic appearance they provide of comes as a fantastic method to enhance the appearances of the iPhone besides providing an adequate amount to it of protection from dirt and scratches.

You can find several other excellent types of the cases also. The most well-known of all of them would likely function as the iPhone 4 jello cases. The success in regards to the iPhone 4 jello case is that it really is composed of top quality stuff and is available in brilliant and exceptionally bright versions that it absolutely provides your iPhone 4 a very good look.

Another selection that’s been performing excellent in the marketplace will be the iPhone 4 Bumper situation. This really is still another variance, which comes like a high grade rubberized case for the iPhone. Both these cases could be as the very best and affordable iPhone cases competent. These iPhone 4 cases are readily accessible in the marketplace and guard your iPhone completely. They protect the edges of the apparatus, and also include grip to your own iPhone 4.

In a nutshell, the top situation for the iPhone 4 will be one that has a great, durable design, which is lightweight also and appears to your own iPhone and imparts design 4.

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Essential Jailbreak Apps for iPhone 5

September 4th 2013 · Read More · No Comments

Smartphone Jailbreak Now Free Cydia AppsCydia download Store offers thousands of free apps, tweaks, themes and more. Since there are plenty of great Cydia apps and tweaks, it is hard to pick the ones that are really useful. As you know, iPhone 5 was released along with iOS 6 and Evasion jailbreak took was available a few months after. However, with iOS 6, users still found various needs that need to be covered with the help of Cydia Store.

When people started to jailbreak their new smartphone, they expected to find useful Cydia apps and themes designed for iPhone 5. Fortunately, developers prepared their app portfolios with amazing paid and free Cydia apps for iPhone 5. Now I want to show you some essential jailbreak apps that I use on my iPhone 5.

1. Forecast

In case you feel the need to get the Android look closer on your device, then the Forecast app is just what you need. Forecast is a pretty handy app that puts the weather widget on the iPhone lock screen. Moreover, the widget comes with a small clock and the weather and a swipe revealed the weekly forecast.

2. F.lux

Designed for those who make use of their devices pretty often, F.lux is a pretty useful app that changes the screen temperature as the sun sets, toning down the brightness and harshness on the iPhone’s display. In the same time, it is very useful when you take your iPhone in bed, and the light might seem too powerful for sleepy eyes.

3. Auxo

I am sure that you have already heard about Auxo. Auxo comes as a new switcher for the iOS 6 while offering card like app previews, enhanced music control page, widgets to quickly toggle phone functions and a brightness sliders. As it brings a lot of functionality to your iPhone 5, I am sure that the price of 2.99 is not that high.

4. Nitrous

Nitrous lets other iPhone apps use the Nitro Javascript engine intended for Safari use only. With the help of Nitrous, you can enhance the browsing experience while making third-party apps such as Chrome or Reddit work faster.

5. FullForce

The last Cydia tweak I want to mention is FullForce. It is designed for all those great apps that are still not updated for the 4-inch iPhone 5 display. With FullForce, you can use those apps in full screen mode.

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Must-Have Cydia Apps for iOS 6.1.2

June 13th 2013 · Read More · No Comments

Along with each iOS update, Cydia apps are being updates as well. Jailbreak developers try to upgrade their apps and tweaks in order to prepare them for Apple’s new operating system. In this respect, when Apple released the iOS 6.1.2, some Cydia apps were upgraded while new others appeared.

If you upgraded your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to iOS 6.1.2, and you performed jailbreak on it, I am sure that you would want to know what else in new in this respect. Within this article, I want to show you some must-have Cydia apps for iOS 6.1.2. With a quick Cydia download, you can get all these apps right on your iOS device.

1. Chrome Download Manager

I am sure that some of you just enjoy using Chrome for browsing more than Safari. In this respect, if you want to download files using Google Chrome on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, Chrome Download Manager is the right apps for you. Moreover, you get to save all these apps where you want. It is that simple. It is available in ModMyi for $3.

2. Auxo

When it comes to redesign your iOS app switcher, Auxo is the right answer. This tweak offers you the possibility to change the way you access the app switcher completely. In the same time, you get to see a preview of each app while a swipe down allows you to terminate them. The Auxo tweak costs $1.99 in the BigBoss repo.

3. AndroidLock XT

The iOS provides users the possibility to protect their iOS devices using a passcode. However, it is easy to be hacked by your friends, moreover when the password is simple. In this respect, AndroidLock XT lets you secure your iPhone with a specific pattern just like in the case of an Android phone. In the same time, the tweak lets you use a custom text on the slider. It is available within the ModMyi repo for only $1.49.

4. DashboardX

For those of you who are fans of Android, along with AndroidLock XT, DashboardX is the right tweak for you. This Cydia tweak lets users add android widgets on the homescreen. In this way, you will have all your important apps right at hand. DashboardX costs $1.99 in the ModMyi repo.

5. Springtomize 2

The last app within my list is the Springtomize 2. Perhaps this is one of the most popular Cydia apps available. It allows users to customize almost each aspect of their devices while dealing with the wallpaper, theme, icons and more. With Springtomize, you can change icons, the status bar and even fonts.

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